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The range of  fan products include hooded roof top axial fans for exhaust and intake applications, hooded filtered axial supply fans, upblast axial exhaust fans for both standard applications and UL Listed emergency smoke removal, axial propeller wall fans, tubeaxial fans, centrifugal filtered supply fans, duct blowers, air circulators, and man coolers.  Fans are available in either direct drive, where maintenance access may be difficult, or belt drive, which give the flexibility of adjusting the fan speed if performance requirements change.Gravity ventilator products include rotary ventilators, stationary ventilators, spun aluminum dome intake/relief ventilators, extruded aluminum penthouse intake/relief ventilators, and fabricated hooded gravity relief/intake ventilators. 

A wide range of accessories are available for both fans and ventilators including square to round mounting bases, flat collar bases, auxiliary duct fans designed to convert existing round gravity ventilators to power, prefabricated roof curbs for conventional roofs, vented roof curbs, sound curbs, metal building curbs (see metal building products), round unit disc dampers to close off ventilators in the winter, and backdraft dampers for both intake and exhaust fan applications.

TD Fand ImageRomlair’s wide range of product combined with superior customer service, gives the customer a competitive edge.

Romla Ventilator Company manufactures a wide selection of fans and ventilators for commercial, and industrial applications.

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